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Residential Window Cleaning In St. Petersburg FL

When it comes to having a home or a business, first impressions count. Dirty, streaky windows are not the first thing you want people to see when visiting your property.

At Direct Window Cleaning, we are here to help make your property sparkle. We offer residential, storefront, and commercial window cleaning. Cleaning windows can be a difficult, and often times, dangerous task. At Direct Window Cleaning, we are trained professionals in cleaning windows at different heights, equipped with the newest tools and equipment in the business, including waterfed pole technology. Using pure, deionized water with special brushes and attachments, we are able to work more efficiently and safely while achieving great heights from the ground. This, combined with our experience, means we provide you with exceptional results, every time.

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Additional Window Cleaning Services We Provide

We do more than just clean glass. Along with our window cleaning service, we also offer a range of other services to help improve your curb appeal!

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Window Screen Cleaning

Having your screens regularly cleaned can help to extend their lifespan substantially. That means you get more for your money and won’t need to keep replacing them. At Direct Window Cleaning, we clean your window screens properly with our patent pending screen washer. Dirty screens also have an impact on the overall appearance of your property and how long those cleaned windows stay that way.

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Window Screen Repair

The beauty of having screens is that there is no way bugs and insects can make their way into your home through your windows. So when your screens are damaged, it means they are no longer doing their job effectively. At Direct Window Cleaning, we repair your screens so that those nasty critters stay on the outside and you get the cool air coming through on the inside!

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Hard Water Stain Removal

Hard water stains are a common problem which traditional window cleaning methods will not remove. They come from high mineral content water or even dust being left on the windows for too long. Since glass is porous, the debris can get trapped and etched into the glass. To battle this unsightly problem we use special cleansers to help loosen the buildup. Then we use a combination of professional tools to remove it from the surface. Once the buildup is removed we will proceed with traditional window cleaning, leaving you with beautiful, streak-free windows.

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Detailed Track Cleaning

Your window tracks collect dust, algae, mildew, and can even collect mold. Sometimes, the feeling of having beautifully clean windows can be spoiled when you look down to see dirty tracks. At Direct Window Cleaning, we will clean your tracks so that you don’t have to worry about nasty allergens in and around your home.

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Our Residential Window Washing Guarantee

Direct Window Cleaning ensures your home will receive top of the line care from the owner and window cleaning expert himself. With Direct Window Cleanings streak free policy and trustworthy satisfaction guarantee, you can sit back and relax while we meticulously clean your home’s windows from head to toe. We take on every job with the utmost integrity and take pride in reviving your windows!

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